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Graphical User Interface Solutions

Over the years, due to its expertise in the audio and video fields, CRI Middleware has been developing various graphical UIs for a wide range of products, from simple but highly versatile devices to high-end specialty systems.
Aeropoint GUI consolidates this expertise and development know-how to provide a new workflow for the design, integration and test of graphical UIs.

Customize the graphical UI by changing a PowerPointⓇ file

Aeropoint® GUI achieves the division of tasks between UI design and system development. By simply modifying the PowerPointⓇ file representing the UI, creating multiple variations based on the version of the product becomes straightforward.

Aeropoint GUI for RX and Aeropoint GUI standard

Here are two versions of "Aeropoint GUI“   

Aeropoint GUI for RX runtime features

Aeropoint GUI for RX is a special version making all the basic Aeropoint features available on common low-cost microcontrollers.

Feature 1: Large-scale graphical UI with a small memory footprint.

Even when only a small amount of memory is available, it is possible to design large-scale graphical UIs including many screen pages, long voice guidance, and multilingual text display using different fonts.

Loading the graphical UI from external media at high speed allows the application to quickly switch between screens.

Feature 2: Beautiful images with a limited palette

The powerful color optimization feature of the built-in OPTPiX technology allows for the faithful reproduction of images using only a limited palette (256 or 65,000 colors). As a result, high-resolution UIs can be rendered with less memory.

Feature 3: High-quality video playback by software

Even microcontrollers without dedicated video functions can use the streaming control and color optimization features of Aeropoint GUI to achieve high-quality video playback.

Features of the Aeropoint GUI standard run-time

The performance is greatly improved for microcontrollers with graphic functions.


System requirements for the Aeropoint GUI add-in tool

・Supported OS: Windows7/8/9.1/10(VM is not supported.)
・Required software: PowerPoint 2010 or later (MAC OS and online versions are not supported.)

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